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Simon Pendleton Ch. 02

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Unless stated otherwise, all characters are over the age of 18.


Sept. ’08

Simon watched as she lowered her mouth ever closer to his hard shaft. It was so stiff he thought it would burst from the pressure. When her tongue lightly grazed the tip, he felt certain that he would explode right there. Her smoldering eyes glanced up at him. He couldn’t see her face, but knew she was smiling, enjoying the torture. Her red hair swayed in some unseen breeze.

“Too bad I can’t finish this.” she said. Simon looked perplexed. “It’s time for you to get up.” She moved away and melted into the darkness. He reached for her. . .


“It’s time for you to get up.” A hand was gently shaking him. Still half asleep, he grabbed the hand and kissed it.

“Don’t go.” He mumbled. Mary flushed with embarrassment. Her son’s alarm had been going off for the past ten minutes. Normally, Simon would have been up right away, but lately he had not been sleeping well. He constantly seemed to be in another world. For a kid that was usually so focused, this was quite a change.

Mary’s embarrassment changed to excitement as her son kissed her hand. It had been three years since her divorce and at least two more years before that, since she had felt any kind of physical contact with a man. The sensual kisses from her son to her hand were causing Mary to lose her self-control.

This isn’t right, she thought. He’s your son. She still didn’t move as his kisses moved up her arm. He started to pull her down onto his bed. That action caused her to pull away. She crossed Simon’s room to his stereo and turned off his alarm. Moving away from him was probably the hardest thing she had ever done.

“HEY!!” Mary clapped her hands as she yelled. Simon seemed to come fully around at the sound. Seeing his mom, and feeling his hardness under his blanket, caused him to cover up a little more. Mary quickly realized that she had been staring at the tent formed under his blanket. She turned to the stairs, hopefully concealing the location of her stare.

“You’re gonna be late if you don’t get up now.” Mary glanced back at her son. Just to be sure he was actually getting up she told herself. Her gaze lingered briefly as she sighed. She smiled at him. “Hurry up, sleepy-head.”

“Yeah. Sorry, I’m getting up.” The dream had been so real. Her hair, those eyes. The feeling of her skin still seemed to tingle on his lips. He could almost smell her in the room. He rubbed his face to wake himself.

Seeing the clock, Simon leapt into action. He dressed himself in record time. He was heading out the door with his sister when Mary stopped them.

“Come home right after school, you two. We’re having company tonight and I need your help cleaning up the place.”

“What? When was this set up?” Simon asked, confused.

“I’ve been talking about this since Wednesday. Our neighbors are coming over for a house warming party. I thought we could have a cookout while it’s still nice out.” Mary looked at Simon. “You’ve been so out of it lately, I’m not surprised you forgot.”

“Just make sure you are home after school, okay? I’d like to make a good impression, since we’ll be living here a while.”

Simon and Cindy walked out to her car. Simon stopped momentarily as realization set in. Neighbors, he thought, that means the Holden’s from next door. That means. . .

“You okay, bro?” Cindy asked.

“Yeah, fine. I’m still waking up I guess.” Simon smiled weakly at his sister.

“Well, get in. We’re almost late as it is.”


“So what are you doing tonight?” Freddie had met up with Simon at lunch as usual. “I once again have an invite to a really bad ass party. You up for it?”

“Sorry, my mom is apparently having a house warming party tonight. I have to be there, mores the pity.” Simon replied. They sat down at the table with Sam and Leslie.

“Bummer, man. You really need to find some time to come out, dude. Otherwise you’re gonna end up as a social outcast like the rest of these guys.” Freddie gestured to the rest of the gang seated at the lunch table.

“This statement coming from ‘Captain Outcast’ himself. The only all-star on the team four years running.” Sam gestured as well but with fewer fingers.

“That is why I get invited. It’s good to be the king.” Freddie smiled.

“Yeah, well, being the rookie on the team, I still get stuck doing the shit jobs.” Simon began eating.

“If I was him,” Leslie interjected “I’d want to stay home as well.”

Sam and Freddie looked perplexed at this statement. Simon just hunched lower, knowing what was coming. “What do you mean?” Sam said.

“Don’t you know?” Leslie stared back at both Sam and Freddie. “Simon lives next door to ‘Miss Thang’ herself.” She looked at Simon. “You didn’t tell them that did you?”

Simon swallowed loudly. “Gee look at the time. Only fifteen minutes till class. I better get going.” He grabbed his tray and got up to leave.

“Hold on a minute, Pendelton. You mean to tell us that you’ve been living next to the hottest girl in school and never bothered to mention this?” Freddie sputtered. “And here I thought we were friends.”

“I didn’t deliberately deceive you. Call it an omission due to oversight. Plus I knew if I told you, my home would turn into ‘Voyeur Central’.” Simon gathered his things. “Besides, if you’ve got a party to go to, I’m sure she does as well and won’t even be there.”


“Jodi.” Sasha spoke up as her friend sat at the table. “Are you going to Bomber’s party tonight? I heard his parents are going to be out of town till Sunday.”

“Can’t. I’m going with my parents to a house warming party.” Jodi shifted nervously. She knew Sasha wouldn’t leave it alone.

“Really? And just where is this ‘party’ taking place?” Sasha stared at Jodi. “Wait. Don’t tell me. It’s at HIS house, isn’t it.”

Jodi just sat there for a moment before nodding.

“You lucky bitch. You finally got the excuse you needed to introduce yourself.” Sasha sat back. “Well, if you do hook up, you better dish later.”

“Jesus, Sash, it’s not like I’m going to an orgy. At the very least, my parents and his are going to be there. Besides, I doubt he’s gonna make more than a token appearance, at best. I’ll probably just shake his hand and that will be it.” Jodi was hoping for it to be a little more than just that.


Simon had been busy since he got home. He and Cindy had to go to the store to buy some last minute things. Simon then got stuck outside setting up the grill. It was an older grill, but Simon preferred using charcoal over gas anyways. The coals had taken on a nice glow when the doorbell rang.

“I got it, Ma.” Yelled Cindy.

Simon looked in through the patio doors and saw the Holden family walk in. Mr. Holden, Greg as he would later find out, was about six feet tall and a bit over weight. He entered first with a warm smile and a bottle of red wine. Mrs. Holden, Pamela, was next at maybe five and a half feet tall and, while some might say pudgy, Simon would define her as curvy.

What surprised him the most was the last person who entered. He was surprised, though not displeased, to see Jodi. She was wearing a not-too-tight white sweater and black too-tight denim jeans. Her hair framed her face magnificently. He could discern just a small hint of make-up, nothing gaudy, just enough to enhance her looks all the more. He caught himself staring.

Damn Simon, he thought to himself. Get a grip. She probably won’t even say hi. She has a boyfriend anyways so there’s no shot there. Simon placed some burgers and brats on the grill, closed it, wiped his hands, and walked inside.

“And this is my son, Simon. I believe he’s in your grade this year, Jodi.” Mary introduced him to the Holden’s, having come down while Simon wasn’t looking. He shook hands with Mr. Holden.

“Quite a grip you’ve got there, son.” Mr. Holden shook out his hand. Most of the men Simon had shook hands with had said similar things. It seemed like it was a test, just to gauge the strength of the other male. Simon got a brief hug from Mrs. Holden. “Just call me Pam.” Simon liked her instantly.

“Hi. I’m Jodi. I don’t believe we’ve been formally introduced.” She stood there with her hand extended. Gingerly, Simon clasped her hand so as not to bruise her porcelain skin. “Simon.” He gasped finally, expelling a breath he hadn’t known he was holding. “Pleased to meet you.”

Jodi felt a slight jolt when he touched her hand. She hoped it wasn’t just static electricity. He was actually a lot cuter up close, being only slightly taller than her. At that point another family was walking up to the door. Reluctantly, Jodi released Simon’s hand. Simon then introduced himself to the Johnson’s from across the street.

“If you will excuse me, I just put some food on the grill.” Simon turned away to head outside. It was a little cooler outside and Simon needed it. Simon checked the meat then sat on the bench outside. He took a couple of deep breaths to calm himself.

“Need help with anything?” Simon looked up, startled. Jodi was standing in the door way. “Sorry. I didn’t mean to spook you.” Her smile was like a sunrise to him.

“Uh, no. No problem, I just didn’t hear you coming out.” He stood up and checked the grill again. Anything so he didn’t just sit there and stare.

“Sorry but I think I’m below the minimum age limit for your living room right now.” She joked as she walked out. Simon looked back in and saw the ‘adults’ conversing.

“I see what you mean.” He grinned and looked down. “Uh . . . can I get you something to drink?”

“A soda would be nice, whatever kind.”

“No problem. I’ll be right back.” Simon left briefly. Jodi hoped that she didn’t seem as nervous as he did. Her heart was beating rapidly as she sat down.

“Here you go.” Simon returned with a can of Coke.

“Thank you.” Jodi accepted the soda and drank. They sat in silence for a while.

“So. . .”

“Do you. . .”

They both spoke at the same time and then stopped. They laughed.

“It’s almost like a scene from a bad romantic comedy.” Jodi said.

The tension seemed to lessen a little as Simon smiled at her. “Yeah, ‘Moody in Moorhead’ instead of ‘Sleepless in Seattle’.”

Simon liked the sound of her giggle. They continued to talk about unimportant things for a while until the food was cooked. Jodi held the plate as Simon placed the food onto it. Jodi yelped as some grease splattered her hand.

“Oh shit, I’m sorry.” Simon grabbed a wet wash cloth and pressed it on her hand. He carefully wiped the grease off of her. For the briefest of moments, Simon’s hand lingered on her hand. Jodi felt another tingle but this one was much lower than before. Simon looked up and blushed at seeing her blush as well. He removed his hand and took the plate from her. Jodi held the wash cloth in place over the burn.

“Don’t worry,” she said, “It’s not bad. I don’t think I’ll need medical attention.”

“Darn. No mouth-to-mouth?” Simon blanched as he realized what he just said. “Wait. I didn’t mean. . .”

“It’s ok.” Jodi giggled again and walked towards the door. She stopped just in front of it and turned around. “You’ll be the first to know if I need it.” She smiled and walked inside.

Simon stood there for a moment, digesting what she had said. After passing it through his colon, her words were translated into what he thought were to be harmless flirting. She couldn’t really mean anything by it, he thought. He walked in with the food.


Dinner went well. Cindy took Amanda, the Johnson’s daughter, up to check out her room afterwards. Simon, feeling somewhat uncomfortable, went outside to check on the coals in the grill. Jodi excused herself to help him. She applied some extra lip gloss before going out.

“So. Not big on discussing the war in the middle-east?” Jodi joked as she sat down on the bench next to him.

“No, not really.” He smiled as he scooted over to make some extra room for her.

“You don’t need to move away.” Jodi had decided that she might need to be a little aggressive with him. “I don’t bite. Usually.” She looked at him. Simon, blushing, glanced at her and shifted a little closer. “Gee, is it my breath or just me in general?”

“OH! Uh, neither. I, uh, didn’t want to, uh, you know, crowd you, or, uh, impose or anything.” Simon stuttered.

“It’s okay. I think I can handle myself. Were you planning on imposing yourself on me?” She looked at him. Look into my eyes, she thought with a bad Dracula accent.

“No, of course not. I just. . .” Simon turned and his train of thought smashed into the side of a mountain. Her intense green eyes stared at him from inches away. Flashes from last night’s dream ran through his head. These were the same eyes, the ones he saw from her window the previous night.

Jodi decided to take the initiative. She closed her eyes and puckered her lips slightly. She leaned forward and met . . . nothing. Confused, Jodi opened one eye. Simon had turned away and was staring at his hands. This was a first.

“What’s up?” Jodi said quietly. She reached out a hand and placed it on his.

“Nothing. It’s just that. . . You see, I’ve never. . .” Simon stumbled embarrassingly over the words he wanted to say.

“You’ve never what?” It took Jodi a few seconds to figure it out. “You mean you’ve never kissed a girl before?” Was he serious?

“I’ve never done anything with a girl before.” Simon blushed profusely.

“Why not? You’re not gay, are you?” She said it teasingly.

“No, I’m not gay. It’s just. . . After my father left, I never had the time for a social life.” He turned back to her. “I had to get a job to help with the bills, several jobs actually. I went to school, worked out at the dojo, and went to work. I didn’t have time for anything else, so my social life was left by the wayside. The difference here is that my mom is making a little more money and our bills are not as much, so I don’t have to get a job if I don’t want to.”

“So you’re telling me you’re a virgin. In almost every area.” This thought excited Jodi immensely.

“Pretty much.” Simon didn’t turn away.

Jodi placed her hands on either side of his face. She tilted her head to the side and pulled Simon closer. She pressed her lips to his. Simon, stunned briefly, quickly began to kiss her back. Her lips were soft and eager. She tasted slightly of strawberry lip gloss. Being mostly clueless, he just started copying what Jodi was doing. He moved one of his hands onto her thigh.

Jodi broke the kiss after a few minutes. She was slightly flushed. She had never been this turned on from just kissing, even with tongue.

“Wow.” It was all Simon could say.

“Thank you. You weren’t so bad yourself.” Jodi smiled. “Don’t take this the wrong way, but you kiss like a girl.”

“What do you mean?”

“You were soft and gentle, not forceful. You didn’t just shove your tongue down my throat and try to swallow my head. It was nice.”

“And I suppose you have a lot of experience in the department of kissing girls?” Simon grinned.

“Well. . .” Jodi stopped and grinned.

“Wait. Are you serious?” Simon leaned away slightly.

“Why? Does it disgust you?” Jodi thought she might have errored by admitting this to him so soon.

Simon thought for a moment and said, “Actually, no. Honestly,” Simon grinned, “I think it’s kinda hot.” Simon looked away briefly. “So. Anyone I know that you’ve practiced with?”

“Maybe. If you behave, I might introduce you.” Jodi grinned.

“I’ll behave, but I’ll still need more practice.” Simon turned back to her. This time, he initiated the kiss. Simon was more expressive as they kissed, feeling his way. Jodi moaned quietly into his mouth. He moved his hand from her thigh up towards her face. Her mouth opened and she lightly brushed her tongue across his lips.

Surprised, Simon parted his lips as well. Jodi thrust her tongue into his mouth. She grasped the back of Simon’s head and pulled him closer. Following her lead, Simon began thrusting his tongue into her mouth. A war of tongues commenced with each side gaining and losing territory rapidly. Jodi moaned louder this time.

Losing herself within the passionate kiss, Jodi turned her body and straddled Simon without breaking their connection. She writhed against him, nearing a state of nigh-unquenchable excitement. Her hands rubbed vigorously over the stubble of Simon’s scalp. Simon reached up, grabbed her hair and pulled her back slowly. He broke the kiss briefly and began licking alongside her neck, making quiet slurping sounds. Jodi mewled at the sensations but went back to kissing him when he released her hair. She felt his hands grab her ass, his fingers kneading into her denim covered flesh. “Oh God. Please don’t stop.” She whispered.

Those were, unfortunately, the key words to make him stop. Simon, unsettled by these rapidly changing events, released Jodi’s ass and grabbed her shoulders. He gently, yet forcefully, pushed her back. They were both breathing heavily as Jodi opened her eyes, a look of disappointment on her face.

“I think we need to slow down here.” Simon gasped. Jodi, realizing where she was, got off of Simon’s lap. She couldn’t help but notice the straining bulge in his pants. She blushed. Not because of him, but because she had never lost control like that before.

Noticing his blush as well, she said, “I’m sorry. I don’t know what got into me.”

“It’s fine. I think we both got a little carried away.” Simon shifted uncomfortably. He couldn’t believe the effect this girl was having on him. He wasn’t sure if he should be afraid or just go with it.

“Shit. My sister’s coming.” Simon said. They got busy straightening themselves up.


“Mom? Where’s Simon?” Cindy had just come down stairs with Amanda.

“I think he went outside to get some air.” Mary was slightly distracted as she was very interested in the conversation she was having with her neighbors.

Cindy headed towards the patio doors. She stopped not more than ten feet from the most erotic scene she had ever witnessed in her short life. Jodi Holden was straddling Simon and vigorously making out with him. Cindy watched him maul Jodi’s ass. Cindy wasn’t quite sure, but she thought she heard Jodi tell Simon not to stop.

Cindy stared. She unconsciously began rubbing herself through her jeans. If only it were me, she thought.

“Oh my God!” Cindy was brought out of her trance when Amanda, whom she hadn’t known followed her, gasped. “This is gonna be big news at school on Monday. Jodi’s cheating on her boyfriend with your brother!” Cindy noticed they had stopped making out as Jodi got off of Simon’s lap.

“Come on, back into the living room.” Cindy ushered Amanda out.

“But I want to watch.” Amanda pouted.

“It’s not gonna be good for either of us if they catch us gawking.”

After getting Amanda out of the way, Cindy walked back to the patio. She saw them fix themselves up quickly, but pretended not to notice.

“Hey, I think everyone’s getting ready to leave. Simon, you should come say good bye to everyone.” Cindy abruptly turned around and walked off.

“I wonder what her problem is now?” Simon shrugged. Turning to Jodi, he said, “I hope we’ll get a chance to finish this.” He extended his hand to help her up.

“Oh we’ll definitely finish this.” Jodi gratefully took his hand as she stood up. “But later, much later.” Seeing no one looking their way, she quickly kissed him one last time. “Definitely. But let’s keep this little incident to ourselves for now. I technically still have a boyfriend. Good thing I was planning on breaking up with him next week.”

Good-byes were said as Simon shook hands with everyone. For some reason, Amanda blushed profusely when shaking his hand. His eyes lingered on Jodi as she followed her parents out. She glanced back one last time and smiled as he closed the door.


Walking up to the school doors Wednesday morning, he noticed a group of three girls standing off to the side. They weren’t in his grade, so he didn’t know them, but they appeared to know him. They had been talking, but stopped as he walked pass.